Wills, Trust & Probate

Drafting an enforceable will that can sufficiently reflect your intention is critical for your loved ones. Also, some restrictions and considerations are applicable on Muslim’s estates, from Sharia law perspective. In this regard, we are here to help you draw a valid and enforceable will with necessary formalities.

Additionally, as a highly trusted law firm, we can assist you manage your assets during your lifetime under a Personal Management Trust (PMT). PMT is a trust agreement where you as a Trustor can appoint us to manage your assets, as your Trustee. Your assets can be managed for the benefit of you or the others at your choice. The relationship between you and the beneficiary of your assets are more controversial where the Islamic law is applicable. Although some structures such as the contract of Sulh or Waqf can be considered in these circumstances, there is no legal concept equal to the Trust in Islamic law. Through extensive Sharia law compliance process, in our R&D department, we design a range of contract models and framework in order to ensure the enforceability of your contracts and legal affairs.