Caring for the others

Taking care of your beloveds

Have you ever considered how you would manage your assets or make life decisions when you could no longer take care of your own affairs? Or are you a carer for someone in this situation?

Reviewing your will, considering the benefits of a Lasting Power of Attorney and discussing the making of lifetime gift ( in English law) or the contract of Sulh and Hibah (in Iran law) maybe relevant to you.

The law in this area is so complex. For example, there are important rules affecting “gifts with reservation” together with its particular tax indication. We can help provide guidance as to the implications of gifting your assets so that you achieve your wishes as well as avoiding unexpected consequences.

At some point in your life, you need peace of mind regarding the asset you have achieved. People often turn to us when it is too late. It is far better to talk through any perceived problems early on.