For Businesses

Mohaghegh & Associates has an expanding commercial team that has grown by experience and reputation. We understand that for SME business owners, our advice must always take into account the way that commercial factors can impact and be impacted by legal issues. As well as advising you on the law, we will provide you with the legal solutions that help you to achieve your commercial objectives.

With specialist corporate, commercial, property and employment law solicitors in our firm, we act for our clients at start up level, developing SMEs in Iran and the UK and right through the larger companies.

Our wealth of credit and trustworthiness allows us to advise business owners during their business life on the contract issues, negotiations, shareholder agreements, dispute resolutions, business and share acquisition and disposal, employment issues, sanction compliance and managing our client’s property portfolios.

Mohaghegh & Associates is located in Tehran aiming to set up a branch in London. To see the full range of legal services we offer to our commercial clients, take a look at our service for business.