For Individuals

In our department for individuals, we offer you the practical legal advice from specialists who have taken the time to understand you well. In accordance with your needs and concerns, the legal services are designed to encompass various issues that could confront anyone during their lifetime. Our trusted solicitors are here to assist support, advice and reassurance.

Mohaghegh & Associates is equipped with a wealth of experienced and prominent solicitors advising on probate issues, preparing willsand Sulh, handling issues such as divorce and drafting marriage contracts, residential conveyance and tenancy transactions and mortgages.

It worth noting that, the importance of individual legal service in Iran is more emphasised due to the application of Sharia law on the marriage contracts. Although contract law and transactions are also included in the Islamic rules, the principles of marriage contracts are mostly extracted from Islamic rules. Therefore, being educated in Islamic schools is a bonus for a family solicitor, if not necessary. Maryam, the founder of Mohaghegh & Associates is the first lady lawyer in Iran who is also specialist in Islamic studies.