Family & Children

The story of Mohaghegh & Associates started with a mission to protect women and children rights. We pride ourselves on establishing new women’s right concepts in Islamic and Iran law as well as dealing with our clients in a sensitive and professional manner helping you and those closest to you find the right solution. For Muslims, in particular, the solutions must be designed in a way that they are enforceable in English court.

  • Planning for the future

One of the best ways to avoid stress and make decisions more confidently is dealing with issues before they arise. In English law, your interests in a relationship can be affected by pre-nuptial agreements, living-together agreement, marriage, civil partnership or co-habiting. Your planning for the future is needs more attention when it comes to the Sharia law. Application of sharia law by the UK civil courts is restricted to the recognition and enforceability in English law. Our team of diverse Islamic and English law experts can help you with drawing specific clauses in your Islamic marriage contracts, pre-nuptial agreements taking sharia rules into account. In Iran, also, Mohaghegh & Associates’ s wealth of academic and professional experience has helped a number of Muslim women with understanding and protecting their rights.

Deploying decades of experience and innovations, we foresee the problems and put in place measure to prevent them or deal with them efficiently when they occur.

  • Relationship issues

 Due to the sensitivity of family relationships, issues can still happen, no matter much you plan. Family issues also need significant consideration to the emotional turmoil. This is why we specialise in amicable methods of dispute resolution helping you sort out your problems with least possible stress. Maryam Mohaghegh, the founder of Mohaghegh & Associates, is an Islamic scholar who has dedicated her life on studying jurisprudence and sharia law in different Islamic sects. Combining the academic background with practical experience helped Maryam to develop innovative ideas for the purpose of women’s rights within the Islamic concepts.

 We understand that the Islamic divorce under English law can be a complex matter. We can help you when your marriage has not been registered under UK law or when you need advice on your rights under Islamic or UK law. Also, in Iran, we can advise you on divorce grounds and your rights in the family. Under the Islamic rules, drafting any kind of agreements or settlement between the parties becomes much more sensitive and needs multi-aspects considerations. Having said that, our team of specialists can help you with the following matters:

  • Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Living-Together Agreements
  • Divorce and Marriage Dissolution
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Custody
  • Mahriah (Mehr) Claims
  • Financial disputes