Business Dispute Resolution

A company faces a number of ups and downs over its lifetime. The key consideration is saving the business. Our team of experienced solicitors in Mohaghegh & Associates will find the solutions which best serve your overall commercial objectives. Departing from traditional methods of dispute resolution, at first step we deploy win-win approach in order to amicably resolve the problem.

The prestige, connections and outstanding influence of our partners at Mohaghegh & Associates is undoubtedly a differentiated asset in advancing the negotiation and mediation process. In this regard, we will convene negotiation sessions taking all your concerns into account.

For the purpose of resolving your disputes, we help you with different potential stages from simply stating your case to mediation, arbitration and court action.

Our works includes regularly advice on :

  • Enforcing covenants with franchisees
  • Designing appropriate mechanism to enforce transaction contracts
  • Safely terminating business contracts
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Competition policies
  • Intellectual property infringement and enforcement

Additionally, benefited from our English law expert, you will be able to opt for “English law” as the governing law of your contract.