International Trade Law

Globalisation has, by definition, led to an increase in international trade. Accordingly, many commercial contracts have an ‘international element’. One or all of the parties might be based in different countries or the subject matter of the contract might have a cross-border dimension. Whenever a contract has international element, the questions of ‘jurisdiction’ and ‘ conflict of laws’ arise.

Before concluding your transactions, during the negotiations or for the purpose of contract enforcement, our highly qualified team will help you navigate through the key areas of international trade law including customs, EU regulations, export control and sanctions, shipment, insurance and transportation contract and treaties .

Our regional awareness in the Middle East, multilingual solicitors coupled with our English and international law expert has made us unique in drafting international transactions, advising on local export and import regulations, sanction compliance and documentation، In addition, we have built up valuable network of trustworthy lawyers in the UK who are able to help you with the cross-border transactions between the Middle East and the UK.